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Bathrooms are becoming just as important as the other spaces in your houses, especially when it comes to renovations or remodeling. This space is easy to miss out while taking up a remodeling project in the house but this should not ever be the case. A spacious bathroom that looks put together adds so much value to your space.

So many options, ideas, and designs

If you get excited looking at the beautiful bathrooms in magazines with beautiful patterned tiles, antique-looking faucets, distinct sinks but are on a budget yourself, you must not dishearten yourself as there are much cheaper alternatives for the same that can make your bathroom look brand new. It is easy and so much fun! And most of the solutions are totally rental friendly as well.

Plan it out first

Take a good look at your bathroom and list out the things you want to change. It can be adding more storage space, changing the old tiles or taking down a wall for glass. Now would be a good time to refer to the magazines or the internet for inspiration. Once you have a clear idea of the look you want to go for, visit your nearest hardware store.

Getting that new look

Depending on your needs and the project, you can go for any option. Some new knobs, spray paint and chalk paint will do most of the work for the big makeover. If you want to go in for a whole new look, you can also change the sink area as well as the floors with rental friendly options. You can also change your faucets to a dull gold or industrial grey, depending on the whole vibe of your house. Some nice sheer curtains also make the bathroom look relaxing. You will enjoy your hot baths much more. Add some eucalyptus for a calming fragrance that will enhance with steam every time.

If you are dealing with a small bathroom, go for more storage options wherever possible. You can add removable shelves to hold your extra towels and a few bathroom items. Get some baskets to make the bathroom look more put together as well as cater to your storage needs.

To bring the whole place together, add in a rug and a few plants. And, just like that Рyou will have  perfect bathroom remodeling project which falls just in your budget!